SBP Academia

Specialists in Professional Development

BSc (Hons) In Accounting & Finance

SBP Academia (SBPA) in Association with Pine Academy Offers a pathway to a Recognized Accounting Degree of a Higher Education Institution of Malaysia.


Institut Prima Bestari (IPB), established since 1988, is registered and licensed under the Private Higher Education Institutions Act, 1996, of Malaysia and wholly owned by Pine Academy Group Sdn Bhd (551351-P), to offer degree programs in Malaysia. The main academic training centre is situated at Kota Kinabalu, the State capital of Sabah, covering over 400 students from post secondary school level in the areas of arts, accountancy, business management, legal studies, languages and other professional trainings. The Pine Academy Group has total of over 2,000 students studying in various learning centres located in Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Nigeria and Ghana.
Advanced Diploma in Accounting Leading to The BSc (Hons) in Accounting & Finance

The Society of Business Practitioners (SBP UK) Advanced Diploma in Accounting (ADA) programme is a professional training course to equip those who wish to be professionals in the field of accountancy.


Academic Pathway:

After completion of the SBP’s Advanced Diploma in Accounting (ADA), students will qualify to enter and then undertake studies at final year degree leading to the IPB BSc Honours in Accounting & Finance.



The Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Accounting & Finance

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting & Finance final year with Honours would normally be completed over one year (two semesters).

Semester 1:

   AF 304 Financial Reporting & Regulatory Framework
   AF 316 Advanced Financial Management
   AF 303 Cost & Management Accounting
   AF 301 Advanced Financial Accounting

Semester 2: 

  AF 302 Auditing
  AF 305 Taxation
  LS 303 Company Law
  AF 314 Financial Analysis

  + PAP 300 Business Ethics


In order to enter the Institute’s BSc in Accounting & Finance, candidates must

  • Be a registered candidate with Institut Prima Bestari, and
  • have completed the SBPA Advanced Diploma in Accounting OR Pine Academy’s Advanced Diploma in Accounting & Management, or
  • have completed an approved equivalent qualification Course & Subject Outline:

Graduates of this Advanced Diploma program may take further study of the top-up final year Bachelor of Science with Honours in Accounting & Finance from Institut Prima Bestari of Malaysia via SBP Academia. Graduates of this degree program with appropriate working experience are eligible to apply for professional membership status of ASSOCIATESHIP (AFA) from the Instutute of Financial Accountants and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL CONSULTANT (CFC) from the Institute of Financial Consultants (IFC). Applications for CFC will be processed by the IFC's Asia Regional office.

ADA Modules

Level 1

1. Accounting I
2. Business Organisation
3. Bookkeeping
4. Economics for Business
5. Computer Appreciation & Applications

Level 2

6. Accounting II
7. Numeracy & Statistics
8. Legal Framework
9. Cost Accounting
10. Management Theory & Practice

Level 3

11. Accounting III
12. Auditing
13. Taxation
14. Business Finance
15. Business Strategy & Planning

Pine Academy
Institut Prima Bestari

Final Year Top-up Degree Program

Advanced Diploma in Accounting


Final Year Degree Modules:

AF304 Financial Reporting & Regulatory Framework
AF316 Advanced Financial Management
AF303 Cost & Management Accounting
AF301 Advanced Financial Accounting
AF302 Auditing
AF305 Taxation
LS303 Company Law
AF314 Financial Analysis
PAP300 Business Ethics