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"To encourage, promote and develop through its students and graduates, a standard  of excellence in management, business practice, and entrepreneurship"


                                                            SBP Academia (S.B.P.A.)

                                                     SBP / MAMSA Asia Pacific Regional Office


SBP Academia was establishment as a fully approved off-shore administrative and management centre for the UK based Society of Business Practitioners (SBP) and the Managing and Marketing Sales Association (MAMSA). Both SBP and MAMSA are independent examining bodies contributing to the advancement of business, management, and entrepreneurial studies. It advances academic training using flexible learning methods and assessment modes as a foundation.


SBP Academia supports the work of the SBP and MAMSA in the Asia Pacific Region and centrally administers all course registrations and student applications/enrollments for its various professional diploma programs in the business, management and marketing fields. It acts as the authorized office for approving study centres and coordinates invigilation for its examinations in the region.


SBP Academia also provides course counseling for individual studentsí study progression as well as consulting work in corporate training and development. It deals with specially packaged modular training courses leading to vocational and academic awards from the UK. This provides an excellent opportunity for participating candidates of such programs to undertake matriculation onto accredited university degree courses qualifying them at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.


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Visit our UK Head Office website at :SBP/MAMSA