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Graduate Diploma in Business & Management (GDBAM)

In its capacity as an examination and professional body, the Society of Business Practitioners provide a range of internationally recognised academic and vocational qualifications at the Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Graduate Diploma levels.

These qualifications may be offered in place of other awards for entry into a wide range of relevant HNC/HND, undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Britain, America, Australia and the Far East. SBP graduates are normally granted entry and credit exemptions by numerous professional institutes and universities.

In order to ensure that candidates gain the appropriate span and in-depth knowledge in business management, the GDBAM structure has been carefully developed by the Society's Academic Board, covering the broadest possible segment of the discipline. The course focuses on critical issues surrounding modern-day business management and develops the judgement, skills and know-how that are of paramount importance to top management.

Who Should Apply

The GDBAM is an advanced academic course for diploma graduates and executives who have considerable business experience and who have a recognised potential and ability for senior managerial responsibility. Increasingly there is a need for a greater degree of ability and professionalism on the part of management in industry. This progamme will suit employers and candidates seeking an appropriate advanced course of study geared towards junior to middle management.

Programme Structure

The structure of the programme ensures that academic theory and practice merges with practical management skills. The syllabus coverage is designed to allow graduates to obtain a sound grounding in business administration and management at the undergraduate level as well as the first stage of a post graduate programme. Accordingly, the GDBAM can meet entry-level requirements and may possibly provide some credit exemptions for master degree programs in business and management studies.


Business Organization & Administration

Organizational Analysis & Control

 Financial & Management Accounting

Marketing Management

Management Information System

Organizational Behavior

 Quantitative Methods for Decision Making


 Human Resource Management

Managerial Economics

Management Principles and Practice

Productions & Operations Management

Financial Management

 International Business Management

Organizational Development & Change

Strategic Management



  Must be at least 18 years of age and hold one of the following:

   ♦SBP/HNC Certificate or equivalent professional qualification.
   ♦Certificate in Business or Management Studies or its equivalent.
 ♦Mature candidates with extensive work experience of at least 5 years at the  supervisory / managerial level.