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A Three Stage Graduate Diploma Program in Computer Studies, Information Technology & E-Commerce (COSITEC)

The overall content aims to focus on a general computer studies course eventually leading onto Information Technology and E-Commerce which is important to the modern day technologically advanced business environment.


Diploma in Computer Studies (DCS)

1.      Networking & the Internet

2.      Management Information Systems

3.      Information Technology Management

4.      Desktop Publishing

5.      Practical Database


Advanced Diploma In Computer Studies (ADCS)

1.      Strategic Business Management

2.      E-Commerce Marketing & Technology

3.      Computer Systems Management

4.      Systems Analysis & Design

5.      Software Engineering


Graduate Diploma In I.T. & E-Commerce (GDITEC)

1.      E-Commerce In Management

2.      E-Commerce & Technology 1

3.      E-Commerce & Technology 2

4.      E-Commerce & Microeconomics

5.      E-Commerce, Institutions & Innovation

6.       E-Commerce Markets & Finance (Case Study Analysis Paper)

Entry Requirements ( Diploma Level)
    Candidates must have one of the following:

♦    GCE A Level Certificate OR GCE O Level with a minimum of 2 years working experience. OR
    SBP Certificate in Business Administration or equivalent. OR
Mature candidates with extensive work experience of at least 2 years in the relevant field.