SBP Academia

Specialists in Professional Development


SBP Academia offers students, members and accredited centres the opportunity to invest in business and management competencies. It supports its students and study centres through the provision of services and benefits in the workplace and at home. We recognise and strongly endorse individual professionalism.

SBP Academia’s  Primary Services are:
  • The provision of training and educational services via approved study centres which support and sustain career performance, personal development and mobility.
  • The examination and assessment of business and management students, to an internationally consistent, and certified standard.
As part of our professional activities we also provide the following:
  • Consultancy with international development agencies and corporate and public sector clients, leading to the provision of relevant business management development courses.
  • The tailored development of education, training and employee certification programs for the corporate sector, emerging industries in the Asia Pacific Region.
  • The design, development and distribution of multi-functional study courses for those undertaking business and management studies.

SBP Academia
through SBP and MAMSA (UK) has its own annual newsletters for its students and members. It also recommends resource materials for its members and student Members undertaking project reports in the various business management programs.