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Entrepreneurial Management


Graduate Diploma In Entrepreneurial Management (GDEM)


The SBP Entrepreneurship course provides candidates with a highly flexible course that is delivered via full-time, part-time, and distance learning. This advanced level programme has a continuous assessment method for candidates who are keen on developing and earning the recognition for this specialist field of study.
Each module provides a very clear framework for the course but also permits sufficient flexibility to enable students to do research in various business areas to develop their own understanding.
As each individual school or college or study centre is required to endorse the candidates’ work and to confirm their competency, only approved centers will be permitted to offer this course.


With the global marketplace now a reality, entrepreneurs and small businesses are seizing opportunities at a rate never before equaled. This course equips candidates with techniques and concepts that real-life entrepreneurs use in their day-to-day business environment. This same business knowledge and information is taught at major business schools, but what sets it apart is the practical nature of the course which can be seen in the flexible assessment format in each of the modules. The candidates will be able to appreciate the following at the end of their course:

  • Using the internet as both a source of opportunities and a resource for generating revenue.
  • Discovering a good business opportunity
  • Creating a business plan
  • Financing a business
  • Managing for growth
  • Consolidating a business platform


Entry Requirements
SBP Diploma or equivalent  professional qualification
Certificate in Management Studies or equivalent with a minimum of 2 years working experience
Mature candidates with extensive work experience of at least 5 years at the supervisory/managerial level.



1.  Contemporary Management

2.  Corporate Strategy

3.  Entrepreneurship

4.  Business & Marketing Environment

5.  Information Technology for Management

6.  Cost Management

7.  Human Resource Strategy

8.  Operations Management

9.  International Economics

10. Global Marketing

11. Case Study / Project Report